Kanjian Music 看见音乐

Kanjian Music Is China’s Leading Full-Stack Services Company, Providing Comprehensive Rights Management Tools, Solutions and Dedicated Business Strategies to Anyone Within the Music Industry

Kanjian Music 看见音乐2021-11-04T08:15:44+00:00

Sofar Sounds

Sofar Sounds Is a Community of Thousands of Artists, Hosts, Fans, Travelers and More, Putting on Hundreds of Secret, Intimate Events per Month

Sofar Sounds2021-11-04T10:58:03+00:00

WOMEX / Piranha Arts

Piranha Arts Is a Berlin-Based Independent Creative Company. WOMEX – Worldwide Music Expo – is the most international music meeting in the world

WOMEX / Piranha Arts2021-11-04T04:38:19+00:00


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