Antoine Chambe

Antoine Chambe

Artist @ Antoine Chambe and Label Manager @ Riptide Records

Antoine Chambe

Lyon, France

Antoine Chambe is a French DJ / producer who started his career as a "ghost producer ». His songs has know a great success (over 400M streams + 4M downloads) mainly in China with 'Andalusia' and 'Easy Come'. At the end of 2020, he has be certified 3x diamond disc for export with Easy Come and platinium with Andalusia. His song 'Dream of Me' also ranks at the top of the world deep house charts for more than 6 months on Soundcloud.

Antoine Chambe opens a new musical chapter with "Do U Ever", the first single from his debut album. He sublimates this Electro Chill production of a renowned featuring, the Dutch multi-platinum singer Cimo Fränkel.

As a real passionate, alongside his musical career, he founded Riptide Music in 2015. which is a musical group bringing together a publishing company (Riptide Publishing), labels (Riptide Records, Riptide Deep, Riptide Originals ...) and a music blog (Riptide Mag).


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