Anydos Music School

Anydos is a Canadian record label and e-commerce company that is established to support prospective and enthusiastic music students. Founded in 2016 by Annastasia Onyinyechukwuka Oraegbunem. The company’s headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Anydos primarily deals as a music school and store. It supports prospective and enthusiastic music students by guiding them to buy the right musical instruments and connecting these students to the best music instructors.
Anydos sells the best ukulele, violin, guitar, harp, guqin, pipa, and several other musical instruments. Anydos offers the best and affordable music lessons for guqin, pipa, ukulele, violin, Indian classical, guitar, and folks. The company also provides repair services of string and piano instruments and has a professional recording studio for music and filming.


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