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Hello !! date of birth: 7-6-1958
I was born and raised in Milan, where I studied at the Liceo Scientifico and at the Civic School of Music.
I've always loved the rhythm of "black" music in general, but a trip to Jamaica in 1979 made me fall in love with reggae, so, back in Italy, I started singing, playing and writing songs, trying in some way to "do reggae" myself ...
I was part of various reggae-bands, including Papa Winnie's Irie and Roots Radical, later becoming the front-man of Kafemama, with whom we played for a few years in various clubs and social centers in the Milan area, winning then a competition that allowed us to make a record.
With Reggaemotion we perform in many different situations, street parties, night clubs, social centers, trying to offer a pleasant product for everyone, not only for reggae fans.


Milan, Italy

The Reggaemotion band started in Milan in 2007: Andrea Pedol, voice and guitar, Max Fusaro drums and choirs, Claudio Lazzaro electric bass.
All come from previous experiences in the world of Italian reggae,
Andrea in the Kafemama of the 80s, Max collaborated with Africa Unite and with Alpha Blondy and Claudio with Tropico Urbano.

We try to reach any type of audience, not just fans of the genre, so the repertoire ranges from cover songs by Bob Marley, Toots & the Maytals etc .., often revisited, to unreleased tracks of our own composition, to reggae versions of other musical genres, as songs by Ray Charles or the Buena Vista Social Club.
Positive energy is fundamental for us, the aim is to reach the heart of the listener, transmitting good vibes, rhythm and joy !
We collaborated with Cecilia Gayle from Costa Rica, with the cuban composer and guitarist Salvador Puerto and with the african- american poet Betty Gilmore in the project "Riddam & Poetry".


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