Adam Dunning

Adam Dunning

Singer Songwriter for Bossa / Nu Jazz

Adam Dunning

Melbourne, Australia

“Jazz & Bossa Nova's pop craftsman, Adam Dunning, whose debut album "Sunset Monkeys" was a huge hit in Japan, completes his 3rd masterpiece, 'The Return'. Influences from Chet Baker to Michael Franks, and Caetano Veloso for a truly sophisticated world of sound.” [Tower Records, Japan]

Adam Dunning’s music is an authentic infusion of melodic sun and surf sounds, and classically written lyrics appealing to humanity's conscience. Oceanic, sensual, environmental, from one of the most unique composers on the world stage today.

He has composed, recorded, and played his original songs to all corners of the world, from Rio de Janeiro, Melbourne, Paris, LA, Istanbul, and Amsterdam, touching the cycle of nature.

Adam's new album release, "The Return" is again an original delivery of passion, with the introduction of his created rhythm, Surf Jazz, and with contributions from legendary Bossa Nova composers and folk artists.



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