Antonio Martino

Publisher/Producer, Soul Hunters

Antonio Martino, jazz records collector, DJ, producer and publisher, has always been involved with his main passion: music. Since the early 90’s has always been active in the jazz music scene of his home town Bari in the South of Italy. In 1990 together with the DJ producer and musician Nicola Conte creates a cultural association called “Fez” that focuses on promoting jazz and black music thought jazz dancing events and discovering
local musicians who are now important artists on the national and international jazz scene.
In 2014, after several experiences as co producer in the music business he decides to become a publisher and establishes his own record company and label A.MA Records A.MA Edizioni. Since 2014 he has released and produced more then 35 albums of Italian and international artists creating an original and distinctive sound that characterize the label.

Soul Hunters

Bari, Italy

Soul Hunters is a Project of Neo-Soul and Soul-Jazz created by some of Italy's foremost Jazz musicians and producers.
With all tracks composed and arranged by renowned Jazz guitarist and composer Alberto Parmegiani and co-produced with A.MA Records head Antonio Martino and the label's sound engineer supreme Tullio Ciriello, Soul Hunters is soul music for the present and reflects a love for Black music and the culture from where that music comes. Soul Hunters combines both vocal and instrumental tracks on an album of 8 tracks.


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