The Creative China Initiative

The Creative China Initiative旨在将伟大的音乐和最佳实践带到中国,促进中国与世界在创意领域的对话。 我们管理在线社区,为广播电台制作播客和数字杂志,并举办线下活动以推广国际音乐人和音乐会。 此外,我们还参与了英国和中国不同城市的各种音乐节的制作和营销。 目前,我们的工作涵盖三个方面: 1. 灵感:论坛/讲座、培训计划、行业报告 2. 连接:推广者、场地和节日 3. 代表:市场进入策略、政策理解、品牌管理、发行等。

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Lesley Zhang – 常务董事


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London/Shenzhen, United Kingdom/China

The Creative China Initiative

The creative china initiative aims to bring great music and best practice to China and facilitate the conversation between China and the world in creative sectors. We managed online community, produced podcast and digital magazine for radio station, and held offline events to promote international artists and concerts. As well, we participated in the production and marketing of various music festivals in different cities across the UK and China. Currently, our work covers three areas: 1. Inspiration: Forum/Talk, Training Programme, Industry Report 2. Connection: Promoters, Venue & Festival 3. Representation: Market Entry Strategy, Policies Understanding, Brand Management, Distribution etc.

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Lesley Zhang – Managing Director


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