Satria Ramadhan

Tanayu 音乐人

Satria Ramadhan 是 SRM Bookings and Services 的首席执行官兼创始人,Fungjai Indonesia 的负责人,Heyfolks 的创始人! 唱片店。 Satria 还组织了一些年度活动,如Record Store Day Indonesia 自 2012 年起)和Cassette Store Day Jakarta自 2018 年起)。 他还作为联合创始人加入了ASEAN Music Showcase Festival。



Tanayu 是印度尼西亚的创作歌手,住在首都雅加达。 选择 Tanayu 作为她的艺名,这是她的名字 Intan Ayu Purnama 的缩写。

她的歌曲创作深邃而深思。 她的音乐是黑暗和戏剧性的。 她的舞台表演极具吸引力和戏剧性,充满了艺术和视觉概念。 她对音乐和艺术有着独特的见解。

2020年,她的一首歌曲《Beautiful》被提名为印度尼西亚音乐奖之一AMI奖(Anugerah Musik Indonesia)的“最佳另类歌手”。 音乐一直是她表达自己愿景的地方,一个引导她发展艺术思想并触动许多人心的地方。



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Satria Ramadhan

Artist, Tanayu

Satria Ramadhan, known as CEO & Founder of SRM Bookings and Services, Head of Fungjai Indonesia and Founder of Heyfolks! Record Store. Satria also organize some of annual events like Record Store Day Indonesia (Since 2012) and Cassette Store Day Jakarta (Since 2018). He also joined ASEAN Music Showcase Festival as a Co-Founder


Jakarta, Indonesia

Tanayu is an Indonesian singer and songwriter who lives in the capital city of Jakarta. Chosing Tanayu as her stage name, which shortened from her given name, Intan Ayu Purnama.

Her song writing is deep and thoughtful. Her music is dark and dramatic. Her stage acts are attractive and theatrical, wrapped in an artistic and visual concept. She has a unique vision for her music and art.

In the year of 2020. One of her song, "Beautiful" was nominated as “Best Alternatives Solo Artist” on one of Indonesia's music award, AMI awards (Anugerah Musik Indonesia) . Music has always been a place for her to express her vision. A place that led her to develop her artistic ideas and touch many hearts.



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