Ren Yuqing (任宇清)

Founder & CEO, JZ Music

Founder and CEO of JZ Music, Shanghai chief jazz band director, founder of JZ School, and other positions. He is also the chairman of the Shanghai Science Education Fund and the Green Music Special Fund. He studied art in high school and started his rock and roll career in the early 1990s. He has served as the bass player for singers such as Cui Jian, Dou Wei, Zhang Chu, He Yong, Xie Tianxiao, and Luo Qi. In 1997, he formally joined the Liu Yuan Jazz Band and began his jazz career. Moved to Shanghai at the end of 2000, opened JZ Club in 2003, JZ School in 2004, and JZ Festival in 2005.

JZ Music

Shanghai, China

JZ Music consists of three major business segments: owning a number of music clubs and performance venues; hosting music festivals, concerts, record publishing and distribution; operating a music training organization centered on professional jazz education, including children and amateur education-and JZ Festival In terms of size, duration, number and quality of participating musicians, and number of performances, JZ Music has developed into one of the largest jazz festivals in Asia. JZ Music is also the only jazz music company in the world that integrates the entire industry chain.


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