One Stop Music (OSM) Bhd

One Stop Music (OSM) Bhd is known as 4th music major company in Malaysia after the three (3) International giant labels. OSM was founded in year 2005 & currently represents more than 350 recording labels & music publishing companies primarily from Malaysia and other territories of APAC. OSM specialised in digital music distribution onto various leading global digital platforms. OSM is also a Google YouTube Certified MCN status company. OSM acts to ensure its members have effective access to new & emerging revenue streams and that their rights are appropriately valued and protected. We do also play a role in the management of copyright licensing on behalf of music publishers for mechanical, reproduction, and synchronisation rights besides assisting to promote and protect the work of music publishers. We do play an important role to overcome challenges and issues faced by the music industry in our region by taking relevant measures to help facilitate the growth of the music industry.

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