Puglia, Italy

Marmo – new album PARVENU, to be released in November 2021
Parvenu is the new project of Puglia-based rapper Marmo. The term parvenu literally means a person who has risen, climbed up to a higher social class, but has not gained social acceptance by those within that new class as he/she has not yet gained the prestige, dignity, or manner associated with it. In his project, Marmo does not talk about luxury goods but describes a path of personal enrichment aimed at enhancing his Puglia roots. The lyrics express feelings of both social revenge and protest. Marmo's project tells the story of a self-aware boy from the suburbs who speaks to his generation. His is a call to do better and improve their lives as everyone can be successful. The tracks have a wide-ranging soundscape with influences from folk music to rap, reggae and Balkan rhythms.

Rap, Reggae, Balkan


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