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Singer, Percussionist, Songwriter, Davide Campisi

Hi there! It's a pleasure to be part of this huge project! I hope I'll be able to suprise you with my ethnic music a bring a little piece of the world I've known

Davide Campisi

Enna, Italy

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Davide Campisi
He was born in Catania on November 16th 1978. At age 16 he began studying the drums participating in several national courses.
For 15 years, studying styles and techniques of rhythm instruments of the folk music tradition of Southern Italy: the frame drums. He began his studies under the guidance of Massimo Guard, and then continue them with the master Alfio Antico, which was also a collaborator in some of his performances.
Today continues the research on the ancient rhythms of the heart isolate experimenting on his drums sound forms and new ways of expression, contemporary space that they find in the performances of ethnic music group ennese The Petri Ca Addumunu, of which he is a founding member and, in the various projects which it participates.
For three years now conducts courses of frame drum as paths to self or integrated into other forms and techniques of artistic expression such as theater and dance.


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