Vincenzo Abbracciante

Vince Abbracciante

Vince Abbracciante - accordion player, composer

Vince Abbracciante

Ostuni, Italy

"A rising star on accordion in Italy, gifted with remarkable technical skills and a deep sense of blues and swing music. He masters accordion playing like few others and plays any musical genre with unparalleled talent." (Dictionary of Italian Jazz, 2014).
"The one who impressed me most is a young Italian, from the Puglia region: his name is Vincenzo Abbracciante. In every track he took me into a story and moved me." (Richard Galliano, Jazzman 2005). Vince Abbracciante's compositions represent a symphonic blend of moods and harmonies that take us back to the choro, brass bands, tarantella, operatic music, baroque arias, and the folk songs of a South that clings to its musical traditions. "Musica" succeeds in capturing all this, in filtering and singing the spirit of a brave and vital land.


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