Marili Jõgi

Kadri Voorand

Marili Jõgi is the the founder of the agency Moon Management. She manages several top Estonian artists and future makers. She is in charge of jazz star Kadri Voorand, folk innovators Mari Kalkun and Duo Ruut and among others, a rising alternative pop maker aegluubis. She is also a Day-to-Day Manager for the rap sensation and audiovisual artist Tommy Cash. At the Estonian Music Entrepreneurship Awards 2020, he was nominated for the title of Manager of the Year.

Kadri Voorand

Tallinn, Estonia

Having her latest album released under the legendary label ACT, Voorand is a charismatic singer, composer, pianist and improviser who creates music through strong emotional storytelling, combining catchy rhythms with a completely unique way of blending improvisational pop, jazz and folk elements. Kadri has already received much acclaim in her home country, including Estonian Music Awards as Best Female Artist for her previous work and Best Jazz Album for many albums in a row in addition to numerous other great awards. She has toured with her original music around the world for example Great Britain, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Norway, China, Italy, Russia, Uzbekistan and many more. Voorand has produced seven albums in different line-ups as a qartet, trio, duo, her a capella project Estonian Voices and Tormis Quartet.


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