Lionel Lodge

CEO, SyncLodge

With over 40 years in the entertainment industry, on the creative as well as the business side. I have been involved with a diverse spectrum of the industry. The key, in my view, is enthusiasm paired with detailed focus. Through this, I have been very fortunate to be a part of many team-focused and creative experiences.

Forever positive, seeing obstacles as challenges to overcome. Thinking outside the box with the perspective that, if no one else has done it yet, that does not gauge the probability for success. Just makes the climb a little steeper.

Areas of experience include Publishing, Record Label, Live Bookings (tour management, representative agent, promotion), Media Production (print, visual, audio), Sync Licensing (TV, film, advertising, video games), Event Management, and Artist Management.


Vienna, Austria

SyncLodge, the sync licensing project management system. SyncLodge is the most powerful B2B ecosystem for music supervisors, visual production companies and copyright holders/administrators, to conclude all the sync licensing tasks needed to professionally license music.
Connecting the music supervisor with the visual production company and the copyright holder SyncLodge makes for ease and transparency for all sides of the sync licensing industry.
We have studied and researched the International Music Synchronization Industry and with SyncLodge we have designed a system to overcome the problems and boost the potential.


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