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Westside Music Sweden is a small company shouting about the (indie) music businesses, and their artists, from Gothenburg and the region of Västra Götaland. Formed as a platform we're built on 44 partners all active in the indie business. We facilitate relevant live opportunities, produce media and push releases to up the traction and the number of international establishments and networks from our music scene. We also host the international club festival and music conference, Viva Sounds, first weekend in December every year. It's pretty cool.


Gothenburg, Sweden

Taking their name from a cheap wine brand, SUNHILL have never taken
themselves too seriously. Starting out in the small town of Borgholm on the the
east coast island Öland, the 4-piece developed a simple and straight to the core
sound with influences from punk bands like Fidlar and Wavves while adding
some frenzy from Subpop bands like Metz and Pissed Jeans.

Soon after releasing their first EP "What a Drag" they packed their bags and
moved to Gothenburg to expand their band, and life. Playing various
underground clubs in the city they have gained a reputation of doing chaotic live
performances and finding a space in between garage rock, 90s indie and some
minor Britpop tones, tangled up with a shiny punk shimmer. And what's wrong
with some garage noise, catchy tunes and a fingertip sense of musicality?
Simply nothing.


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