Wendy Ramirez

Producer, The Hype Pandandy

The Hype Pandandy is the brain child of Producer/DJ/Performance Artist, Wendy Ramirez. (Tucson, Az)

“Hello, IMX! I'm Wendy, aka The Hype Pandandy. Music is my life force. I’ve been performing in one way or another since I was a child. Be it rounding up the cousins and putting on make shift concerts for the family; burlesque and fire eating with two local Tucson based vaudeville performance troupes: Switchblade Parade and Dragstar Cabaret; or producing edm music. This by far, however, is my most creatively fulfilling and inspired endeavor yet. With a catalogue of over 160 songs (released and unreleased) in under two years, I hope everyone that hears my music gets as much joy from listening as I get from creating each track” Wendy Ramirez(The Hype Pandandy)

The Hype Pandandy

Tucson, United States of America

The Hype Pandandy sound, while electronic in nature does not belong to one specific genre of music, but rather is influenced by many. These include genres such as: indietronic, psytrance, synthwave, vaporwave, electro house, shoegaze, psychedelic, indie, new wave, lofi, chillout, trip hop, nudisco, underground and industrial. It experiments with genre mixing, dynamic changes, and bold innovation; while reaching beyond the standard to create a sound that is truly unique and fresh. If there is a box, The Hype Pandandy cannot be contained by it…


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