Christian Schmidt

Producer, TRU.

To call music my passion would be an understatement. Music is my life! A chain reaction started when I first pressed the record button on my radio recorder over 30 years ago. Recordings led to DJing, the vinyl collection led to my own music shop, the desire for more led to an audio engineer education and finally to music composition and production.


Berlin, Germany

TRU.'s motivation in producing music is to create true sound. And while that may mean something different for everyone, for him it’s a combination of passion, work and patience.

Because creating true sound equals finding his own sound. And that is not a goal that he reaches at a certain point in time, but rather a path that he has been on since 2010 and that he pursues every single day.

Sometimes this requires tweaking a few knobs within seconds. Other times it requires deleting several hours of studio work and going back to square one.

All that is true sound.

All that is TRU.


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