Hervé Nguem

Musician / Singer, Hervé Nguebo

Born in 1978, Hervé Nguem aka Hervé Nguebo is a Cameroonian passionate about music and travel since his younger age. He plays multiple instruments but he is popularly known as a guitar player and singer

Hervé Nguebo

Douala, Cameroon

Mr. Afro Jazz, Afro Soul!
Hervé Nguebo is a guitar virtuoso with over 26 years of experience as a performer and he has participated in the production of more than 1000 musical works. He began his musical career as a guitarist in 1994. From cabarets to the different groups he joined or formed, he was immersed in very spirited rhythms. In 2013 he decided to return to his true artistic identity with his first world music album (second solo album) Another Part of Me. He followed that with two other world music projects, Multicol'or (2018), Parodie d'amour (2020), and his fourth world music project "Muayé" (The Light) to be released in 2022.


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