Nikki Ellis

Hospital Records 厂牌主管

自从 2014 年在 Hospital Records 担任推广助理以来,Nikki 已发展成为 Hospital Records 的推广主管和厂牌主管。 作为唱片公司的负责人,Nikki 负责管理 Hospital Records 新作发行策略、音乐人发展并监督厂牌的数字、推广和发行管理。

Nikki 还率先发起了 Hospital Records 的女性架子鼓和贝斯计划,为 “womxn” 举办伦敦研讨会,以建立网络并培养她们在制作、DJ 和音乐业务方面的技能。

Hospital Records 是一家屡获殊荣的独立唱片公司,总部位于伦敦南部。 现在已经是第 24 年,它已经成长为英国舞曲界最知名的厂牌之一。 在其广泛的保护伞下是全球活动品牌 Hospitality、出版社 Songs In The Key Of Knife 和预订机构 Clinic Talent。

Hospital Records


Hospital Records 是一家位于伦敦南部的独立厂牌。 该厂牌主要发行鼓和贝斯,由 Tony Colman 和 Chris Goss 于 1996 年创立,近年来发展成为英国舞曲界最知名的厂牌之一。

该厂牌是 London Elektricity、Flava D、Metrik、Degs、Nu:Tone、DRS & Dynamite、Fred V、Grafix 和 Mitekiss 等音乐人的故乡,同时还发布了来自鼓和贝斯流派的众多其他艺术家的曲目。 在位于伦敦南部赫恩山的总部,Hospital 还经营着词曲版权管理公司 Songs In The Key Of Knife、其全球活动品牌 Hospitality 和合作伙伴厂牌 Soulvent Records。


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Nikki Ellis

Head of Label , Hospital Records

Since starting at Hospital Records as a Promotions Assistant in 2014, Nikki has progressed to be the Head of Promotions, and most recently Head of Label, at Hospital Records. As Head of Label, Nikki manages the Hospital Records release schedule strategy, artist development and oversees digital, promotion and distribution management at the label.

Nikki has also spearheaded Hospital Records' Women In Drum & Bass initiative, hosting London workshops for womxn to network and develop their skills in production, DJing and music business.

Hospital Records is a multi-award-winning independent record label based in south London. Now in its 24th year it has grown to become one of the most well-known labels within UK dance music. Under its extensive umbrella is the global events brand Hospitality, publishing house Songs In The Key Of Knife and booking agency, Clinic Talent.

Hospital Records

London, United Kingdom

Hospital Records is an independent record label based in South London. Primarily releasing drum and bass, the label was started in 1996 by Tony Colman and Chris Goss, and has grown in recent years to become one of the most well known labels within UK dance music.

The label is home to artists such as London Elektricity, Flava D, Metrik, Degs, Nu:Tone, DRS & Dynamite, Fred V, Grafix and Mitekiss but also releases tracks from a whole host of other artists across the drum & bass genre. From its HQ in Herne Hill, South London, Hospital also runs the publishing company Songs In The Key Of Knife, their worldwide events brand Hospitality and partner label Soulvent Records.


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