Alona Dmukhovska

Co-founder, Music Export Ukraine

Alona works in the music industry for almost a decade. Starting as a volunteer for the music festival, she soon grew to the position of program director taking care of 100+ acts performing the biggest festival stages in Ukraine. She believes in the power of education and networking, having done the music exchange projects in Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and even in the Middle East (Kyrgyzstan, hello!). Along with a colleague, she co-founded Music Export Ukraine, an independent organisation that helps Ukrainian artists build international careers. Since then, she showcased local talents at professional events in more than 20 countries, lobbied sector needs in Ukraine and Europe, did dozens of international projects, became the expert in European funding. And strangely, she still enjoys music!

Music Export Ukraine(乌克兰音乐出口办公室)

Kyiv, Ukraine

Music Export Ukraine is an independent initiative, which helps Ukrainian emerging artists to establish connections, promote their music, develop career and talent on the international level.


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